This is a general price list only. Contact us anytime for services not listed, or for custom projects. NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR A 10% DISCOUNT ON ALL SERVICES.


Videography- Single Cam: $30/hr.*

Audio Recording- Stereo/Quad: $30/hr.*

Photography- Single Cam: $30/hr.*

A-V Staging/Setup: $30/hr.*

*NOTE: Minimum 4 hr. call applies. Media stock extra. Multi-camera shooting also available; call for pricing.


Video/Audio Editing: $30/hr.

Video/Audio Enhancement/Correction- Custom: $30/hr.

Video/Audio Enhancement/Correction- Batch: $10/hr.*

DVD/Blu-ray Authoring/Menu Creation- Custom: $30/hr.

DVD/Blu-ray Authoring/Menu Creation- Generic: $60/disc

*NOTE: Additional $15 initial setup charge applies for batch processing of fewer than 10 files. Media stock extra.


DV/HDV Tape Transfer to DVD/BD/Flash Card: $5/hr.*

VHS/Beta/8mm Tape Transfer to DVD/Flash Card: $10/hr.*

DAT Transfer to CD/Flash Card: $5/hr.*

Cassette/.25" R-2-R Tape Transfer to CD/Flash Card- $10/hr.*

LP/"45" Vinyl Record Transfer to CD/Flash Card: $10/hr.*

16mm Movie Film Transfer to DVD/BD/Flash Card: 18¢/ft.*

8mm Movie Film Transfer to DVD/Flash Card: 12¢/ft.*

CD Duplication: 50¢/disc*

DVD Duplication: $1/disc*

Blu-ray Duplication $2/disc*

*NOTE: Additional $15 initial setup charge applies for less than 3 hrs. of rough video/audio to be transferred, or fewer than 15 duplicates. Media stock extra.


Picture Retouching/Restoration: $30/hr.

Bitmap-2-Vector Image Conversion: $30/hr.

Digital File Conversion- Individual: $2/ea.

Digital File Conversion- Batch: 50¢/ea.

Photo Scanning- 4" x 6": $1/ea.*

Photo Scanning- 5" x 7": $1.50/ea.*

Photo Scanning- 8" x 10": $2/ea.*

Film Scanning- 35mm: $2.50/ea.*

Film Scanning- 2.25" x 2.25": $4/ea.*

Film Scanning- 4" x 5": $5.00/ea.*

*NOTE: Additional $10 initial scanner setup charge applies for fewer than 10 scans.


Inkjet Printing 1440DPI Glossy- 3.75" x 5": $1.25/ea.*

Inkjet Printing 720DPI Plain- 3.75" x 5": 50¢/ea.*

Inkjet Printing 1440DPI Glossy- 4" x 6": $1.75/ea.*

Inkjet Printing 720DPI Plain- 4"x 6": 75¢/ea.*

Inkjet Printing 1440DPI Glossy- 5" x 7": $2.50/ea.*

Inkjet Printing 720DPI Plain- 5" x 7": $1.00/ea.*

Inkjet Printing 1440DPI Glossy- 8" x 10": $5.00/ea.*

Inkjet Printing 720DPI Plain- 8" x 10": $2.00/ea.*

Inkjet Printing 1440DPI Glossy- 10" x 14": $8.00/ea.*

Inkjet Printing 720DPI Plain- 10" x 14": $3.00/ea.*

Inkjet Printing 1440DPI Glossy- 12" x 18": $10.00/ea.*

Inkjet Printing 720DPI Plain- 12" x 18": $4.50/ea.*

*NOTE: Additional $5 initial printer setup charge applies for fewer than 10 prints. Paper stock included in pricing.


Sony HVR-Z270U HD Video Camera Kit- Camera, Tripod w/Dolley, A/C Power Adapter or 4 VP-L60A Batteries: $150/day*

Video Lighting Kit- 2 1000W Red Head™ Lights w/13' Manfrotto 004B Stands, 4kg Iron Weights: $50/day

Wireless Mic Kit- Sennheiser EM100 Lavaliere & Handheld Transmitters, Receiver: $25/day

HDV Edit Suite- Mac Pro 2GHz G5, Final Cut Pro Studio 6, Strata 3D, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, JVC DV6000 Video Deck, Epson V750 Pro Scanner: $100/day

Video Projection Kit- Epson EMP-800UG 1500 Lms. Video Projector, Adjustable Height Stand: $30/day

*NOTE: A $500 security deposit is required for all video camera rentals.


Canon 5D Mk II Photo Camera Kit- Camera, 24-105mm Lens, 600EX-RT Flash, Tripod, A/C Power Adapter or 4 LP-E6 Batteries: $150/day*

Photo Studio Lighting Kit- 2 Norman 200W/S External Flash Strobes w/48" Diffusion Umbrellas, 2 13' Manfrotto 004B Stands w/4Kg Iron Weights, 2 Norman 202 A/C Power Adapters: $50/day*

Cactus Radio Slave Remote Flash Control Kit- 4 Transceivers: $25/day

*NOTE: A $500 security deposit is required for all photo camera rentals.

Prices in effect until December 31, 2020. A 30% deposit is required for all orders above $500. Charitable/non-profit organizations are eligible for a 10% discount on all services.